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Joining the Mysore class is the perfect way to begin your journey in Ashtanga Yoga.

You'll be receiving individual instruction, so this class is perfectly safe and requires no previous experience. In the beginning your practice will be short, and stimulating to the body and mind. You'll move through a sequence of positions with emphasis on committing these to memory. Gradually you will integrate the postures you have learned, and flow through them confidently as you advance further into the sequence.

For more info, see the Class Descriptions below.


For Mysore classes, beginners are required to sign up for a minimum of one week, but a commitment of one month is highly recommended to experience the benefits of the practice; regular attendance will be key to learning your sequence and developing physical proficiency. Saturday led classes require some experience, and will not be suitable for complete beginners; students who have not yet learned the full Primary Series should stop at their last pose when it is reached in the led class - if you are told to stop, it is in the interest of your safety and longevity in the practice.

For help finding your best option, get in touch with us!


Another excellent way to start practicing Ashtanga Yoga is to join our Intro to Ashtanga course. This three week course affords time for more detailed instruction, as you will be part of a small group of students with the same level of experience. You will learn the fundamental elements of the Ashtanga practice and experience them within the setting of a traditional yoga shala.

For more about this, see the Courses page




The Ashtanga method involves a masterfully designed set sequence of postures that students learn gradually over time. The Mysore class allows individuals to move through the sequence at their own pace, without the need to look or listen for the next instruction. Teachers move around the room, assisting students individually, as well as teaching new postures when the student is ready. By this method, the body learns to flow effortlessly through the postures, allowing for a peaceful and deeply meditative experience.


In a traditional Ashtanga led class, students are guided as a group through the Primary Series using the Sanskrit count. Ensuring correct understanding of each breath and its accompanying movement in the sequence, led classes are an important compliment to regular Mysore practice for all levels of practitioner. 
Students will still be practicing to their level of familiarity and proficiency in the practice, and will finish up as they come to the end of their regular sequence. This class is not suitable for complete beginners.


Students are guided through the initial part of the Ashtanga Primary Series at a manageable pace, with emphasis on correct breathing, meditative gaze and safe transitions into and out of each position. Modifications are available where required, making this class accessible to all levels.











Enter the Shala softly, being mindful of other practitioners.

Remove footwear before entering the room.

Turn your phone to silent, and keep it safely in your bag for the duration of the class.

Do not hesitate to inform teachers of any injury or medical condition that may affect your practice.

You are free to say no to receiving physical adjustments at any time, your wishes will be respected and you will not be asked to explain your reasons.

Shower before coming to practice daily.

Ensure that your clothes, mats and towels are always clean.

It is highly recommended that you bring your own yoga mat.

Please use the facilities mindfully and ecologically.